OctoRose Royalty Custom Waterfall Window Valance Swags 66x37" (Wide x Long)

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===The first picture shows the product, Other images show the color demo. Color may vary from monitor to monitor.===


  • This beautiful and stunning window treatment is made from a lovely silk taffeta with beads trim.
  • Enjoy the premium quality of valance can add swags to fits any size of your window.
  • can be set up in solid color or mixed color. (tips: add different color on the middle of the swags to adjust the color structure.
  • Size: 66x37"(inch) one swag only. Tip: can be add this swag in the middle of pair of swags and tails 132x47". or use 3pieces of swags as window valance. easy machine wash cold gentle
  • 2.5 inch curtain rod pocket on top. easy set up.
  • Set up Tips: 
      1 panel window: select "66x47".
      2-3 panel window: select "132x47" Plus "66x37".
      4-5 panel window: select "132x47" plus "3pcs of 66x37"
  • The swag 66x37" can be used along like first picture. Or combine with 132x47" to fit wider window.  
  • Fit windows: If straight up, it can fit 60" wide window. Recommend for 30-60" wide window. For wider windows, people may use one 132x47" as left and right, and more than one 66x37" in the middle. People may also use 66x37" swags only for tiny window or multiple  66x37" side by side for wider window.
  • Hand wash due to the crystal beads on the fringe.
  • Other images tell the colors. We do not have separate image for each color.

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