OctoRose Super Soft Premium Velvet Plush Upholstery Bean Bag Sofa Foot Chair Stool Ottoman with Lining and EPP Filler

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  • '===This is Luxury Product No FILLING INCLUDED====


  • This Soft Velvet material is a match for any living room or bedroom. It can be used as a function seat or ottoman.
  • STURDY AND STRUCTURED: Dense polystyrene fill is supportive and holds its shape.
  • 46x46 cm: 1.3 kg EPP Filled, You can add or remove some EPP to adjust softness
  • 60x40 cm: 1.8 kg EPP Filled,You can add or remove some EPP to adjust softness
  • 100x48 cm: 5.5 kg EPP Filled,You can add or remove some EPP to adjust softness
  • Add texture, charm and comfort to any space. Zipper enclosed.
  • Size: Please see the pics
  • We also have none EPP  filled cover only version.
  • Imported, easy take off the cover and clean

Bean bags and bean bag furniture are not only comfortable and ergonomic but also fun, exciting and affordable.

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is another thermoplastic polymer that is used to fill bean bags. EPP beads have several benefits over EPS beads and other fillers. EPP foam is very strong and durable yet incredibly resilient. When crushed or bent out of shape, the material quickly returns to its original form and size. This means that the beads can be compressed without losing their airy, cushioning qualities. EPP beads also have several other benefits. They do not lose their volume as quickly as EPS beads do. And they do not have as strong of an odour.

Bean Bag Safety
No matter which bean bag filler you use, it is important to remember that any small, lightweight objects, such as the beads described above, may pose a risk to children if they are inhaled or swallowed. However, it is up to you to ensure that all bean bags are properly sealed before using them.

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