OctoRose Soft Glass Daisies Design Custom Waterproof PVC Protector/PVC Pad for Coffee Table, Table, Lab Bench, Marble and so on (27.5x48 inch)

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Brand: OctoRose


  • This PVC can cut the size to fit your table. You can mark the exact measurement and use a sharp knife to cut. Notes: please select size by yard do customize size order. Heat Stand from 100 â„?to -30 â„? resistant to acid, alkali, resistant to pressure
  • Protect your table or tablecloth against scratches, scuffs, stains, spillage while keeping your desk tidy, clean and organized. Antistatic, smooth surface, no cracks, no bubblesï¼?Feel cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Durable, No distortion, no hair pieces, not stiff, high elasticity.
  • Spec: 2 mm PVC for multiple purpose. Easy 60 â„?water clean then like new
  • Smooth side can be used as face easy clean. scrub backing can prevent move around.

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