Soft Glass Daisy pattern Waterproof PVC Protector/PVC Pad for Desk Table, Lab Bench Marble Wood Floor Cut size for you

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  • '== You can order listed size OR write to us ask for customized size, we will quote for you , We can cut for you: max width 55", max length 100 yard. Yes, almost any size ===
  • --IMPORTANT: You may receive little larger, up to 1/4 inch at each direction. If you need very strict size, you can cut/ modify by yourself by using utility knife --
  • Daisy Pattern Thick PVC panel,2.5 mm thickness. We also have clear PVC panel, please browse our store or write to us ask for the link.


  • CA Prop 65 : "WARNING: As a PVC , including this product, contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer."

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