What are the main challenges when shopping textile items online?

Online shopping textile products, including the apparel, home textile, and linen products is becoming popular and popular. The main challenges are color and fabric texture.

Except for obvious color such as black, snow white and so on, there are so many spectrum colors available for textile products. For cream color, some suppliers may call it beige, ivory or off white. It is hard to tell the difference among those colors. It is same to other colors. For example, sage green vs. light green. Even for light green, there is a degree or scope how light it is. Here are some names for green color: GreenYellow, Chartreuse, LawnGreen, Lime, LimeGreen, PaleGreen, LightGreen, SpringGreen, olive, olivedrab, forestgreen and so on.

Another example the gray color, people can use ash gray describe the light gray while mouse gray describe dark gray. For a light gray it could be sliver light (Gainsboro) or puckery gray.

Overall, on average you can see over ten terms for each colors. And it is harder for a photographer to capture the texture true color. So if you are color sensitive, it is not recommend to shopping online. Even shopping in a store, you should also pay attention the surrounding light condition.

The second challenge is fabric quality and touch feeling. Except simple fabric such as 100% cotton, there are so many fabric types in the market. For each kind of fabric, there are also grades to describe their quality. It is even more complicated topic when shopping online because you do not have chance to “feel” it. Click here for more detail
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